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The main search engine of ISDC holdings is part of the NESSTAR catalog. However, this page enables the user to promptly browse the list and locate a dataset. The list is sorted by major keywords. Click on a keyword to see the relevant datasets and click on a dataset number to read its abstract and, through the [record] icon, browse its variables.

Aging Jewish Diaspora
Agriculture Jerusalem
Crime & Public Order Labour and Unemployment
Demography and Censuses of Population Localities
Economic Behaviour Macro-Economic Series
Education Multi-National Surveys (ISSP, CRANET)
Elections Occupations
Health & Fertility Social Behaviour & Attitudes
Housing & Urban Planning Transportation
Immigration and Absorption Welfare
Income and Wages
  Health and Fertility
189 Israel Fertility and Family Formation Survey, 1987-1988 Peritz Eric, Hebrew University
187 Israel Fertility Survey, 1974-1975 Friedlander Dov, Dep. of Population Studies of the Hebrew University
188 Israel Fertility Survey, 1973-1974 Friedlander Dov, Golscheider Calvin and The Central Bureau of Statistics
730 Mental Health Hospitals, 1958-1975 Caspi-Machnes Yaffa, Bar-Ilan University
735 Suicides and Suicide Attempts, 1993-1994 Ministry of Health
734 Suicides and Suicide Attempts, 1990-1992 Ministry of Health
733 Suicides and Suicide Attempts, 1987-1988 Ministry of Health
731 Suicides and Suicide Attempts, 1972-1986 Ministry of Health
741 Health Survey, 2009 Central Bureau of Statistics
740 National Health Survey, 2003/2004 Central Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Health
739 Health Survey, 1999/2000 Central Bureau of Statistics
738 Health Survey, 1996/1997 Central Bureau of Statistics
737 Use of Health Services Survey, 1993 Central Bureau of Statistics
790 Jerusalem perinatal study, 1964-1976 Davies Michael, The Hebrew University
751 Use of Drugs and Medications in Israel, 1982 Levi Shlomit and Guttman Louis, Institute for Applied Social Research
  Housing & Urban Planning
592 Housing Conditions Survey, 1991 Central Bureau of Statistics
591 Housing Conditions Survey, 1978 Central Bureau of Statistics
750 Attitudes in Renewal Neighborhoods, 1983 Shapiro Shimon, Tel-Aviv University and Commission for the Renewal Project Evaluation
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