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The main search engine of ISDC holdings is part of the NESSTAR catalog. However, this page enables the user to promptly browse the list and locate a dataset. The list is sorted by major keywords. Click on a keyword to see the relevant datasets and click on a dataset number to read its abstract and, through the [record] icon, browse its variables.

Aging Jewish Diaspora
Agriculture Jerusalem
Crime & Public Order Labour and Unemployment
Demography and Censuses of Population Localities
Economic Behaviour Macro-Economic Series
Education Multi-National Surveys (ISSP, CRANET)
Elections Occupations
Health & Fertility Social Behaviour & Attitudes
Housing & Urban Planning Transportation
Immigration and Absorption Welfare
Income and Wages
672 Survey of Persons aged 60+, 1997/98 Central Bureau of Statistics
671 Survey of Persons aged 60+, 1985 Central Bureau of Statistics
 The Following datasets have been donated by Brookdale Institute
670 Social Support Networks for the Elderly, 1979-1980 Cibulsky Ora, Tel-Aviv University
675 Baka Elders Informal Support Network, 1980 Shuval J., Fleishman R., Shmueli A.
680 Aging in Baka Davies A., Fleishman R., Mor V., Factor H.
685 Non-Institutionalised Elders Periodical Research 1967/8, 1971, 1978 Weihl H., Azaiza N.
775 Aging Workers and Quality of Life in Israel, 1976-1977 Habib J., Spilerman S., Wittman L., Factor H.
710 Welfare Recipients, 1971-1972, 1974-1978 Ministry of Welfare
772 Mothers and Household Management Shelach Ilana, Hebrew University
719 Goldthorpe Class Schema for Israel Yaish Meir, Haifa University
316 Profiles of occupation derived from Census 1972, 1983 Kraus Vered, Hartman Moshe & ISDC
530 Academics Survey, 1974 Central Bureau of Statistics
532 Survey of University and Post-Secondary Graduates, 1984 Central Bureau of Statistics
690 Life History Study of Israeli Men, 1954 Matras J., Noam G., Bar Haim I., Brookdale Institute
692 Cohort of Israeli Women's Life History, 1954 Matras J., Featherman D.,Brookdale Institute
715 Academic Careers in Israel, Men , 1976 Nevoh-Ingbar Yehudit, Ben-David Yosef , Hebrew University
716 Academic Careers in Science and Technology in Israel, 1984 Nevoh-Ingbar, Yehudit
720 Social Mobility and Opportunity Project, 1970 Kraus Vered, Brookdale Institute
722 Survey of Women's Employment, Work Orientations and Childcare Options, 2000 Ministry of Labour and Welfare
549 Social Mobility Survey, 2001 Matras Yehuda, Stier Haya, Raijman Rebeca
590 Labour Mobility Survey, 1991/92 Kraus Vered, Toren Nina
589 Labour Mobility Survey, 1980 Central Bureau of Statistics
550 Labour Mobility Survey, 1974 Central Bureau of Statistics
 Jewish Diaspora
840 Jewish Communities in Germany, 1840-1928 Barkai, Abraham
841 US Jewish Population Survey (NJPS), 1990 CJF - Council of Jewish Federations
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