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The main search engine of ISDC holdings is part of the NESSTAR catalog. However, this page enables the user to promptly browse the list and locate a dataset. The list is sorted by major keywords. Click on a keyword to see the relevant datasets and click on a dataset number to read its abstract and, through the [record] icon, browse its variables.

Aging Jewish Diaspora
Agriculture Jerusalem
Crime & Public Order Labour and Unemployment
Demography and Censuses of Population Localities
Economic Behaviour Macro-Economic Series
Education Multi-National Surveys (ISSP, CRANET)
Elections Occupations
Health & Fertility Social Behaviour & Attitudes
Housing & Urban Planning Transportation
Immigration and Absorption Welfare
Income and Wages
625 Election results for the 18th Knesset, 2009 The Supervisor of General Elections
624 Election results for the 17th Knesset, 2006 The Supervisor of General Elections
623 Election results for the 16th Knesset, 2003 The Supervisor of General Elections
622 Election results for Prime Minister, 2001 The Supervisor of General Elections
621 Election results for the 15th Knesset, 1999 Central Bureau of Statistics
619 Election results for the 14th Knesset, 1996 Central Bureau of Statistics
618 Election results for the 13th Knesset, 1992 Central Bureau of Statistics
615 Election results for the 12th Knesset, 1988 Central Bureau of Statistics
630 Election results for the 11th Knesset, 1984 Central Bureau of Statistics
620 Election results for the 10th Knesset, 1981 Central Bureau of Statistics
610 Election results for the 9th Knesset, 1977 Central Bureau of Statistics
666 Election results 1977-1992 A concatenated file for political blocks
614 Municipal election results, 1993 (Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa) Central Bureau of Statistics
649 Election Studies, 2009 Arian, Asher and Shamir, Michal
648 Election Studies, 2006 Arian, Asher and Shamir, Michal
646 Election Studies, 2003 Arian, Asher and Shamir, Michal
645 Election Studies, 2001 Arian, Asher and Shamir, Michal
644 Election Studies, 1999 Arian, Asher and Shamir, Michal
647 Election Studies, 1999 Abraham Diskin, Hebrew University
643 Election Studies, 1996 Arian, Asher and Shamir, Michal
642 Election Studies, 1992 Arian, Asher and Shamir, Michal
641 Election Studies, 1988 Arian, Asher and Shamir, Michal
640 Election Studies, 1984 Arian Asher, Tel-Aviv Univerity
634 Election Studies, 1981 Arian Asher, Tel-Aviv Univerity
633 Election Studies, 1977 Arian Asher, Tel-Aviv Univerity
632 Election Studies, 1973 Arian Asher, Tel-Aviv Univerity
631 Election Studies, 1969 Arian Asher, Tel-Aviv Univerity
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